Proven Performance

Proven Performance

At National Airlines, we believe the true measure of our capabilities is not what we say we can do – it’s what we’ve proven. Whether the challenge is delivering subsistence to soldiers on the battlefield, or providing an elevated passenger experience every day of the week, we’ve proven that we are aligned with our clients’ mission, that we go above and beyond to achieve it, and that we do so with unmatched agility and speed.

The selection of case studies below demonstrates National Airlines' commitment to excellence in real-world operations. These examples of proven past performance set the stage for what we can accomplish. Clients who Go National, go farther. Here is proof:

Premier Passenger Air Charter Round-Trip Operations from Dubai to Afghanistan

A Major U.S. Defense Contractor was in need of a daily, full-service passenger air charter operation from Dubai to Afghanistan and back to Dubai. The full requirement called for an aircraft with seating capacity of a minimum of 147 passengers and a minimum of one fully operational fixed-wing aircraft on a dedicated exclusive basis. The aircraft was required to be operational seven days a week, 365 days a year, in addition to a backup aircraft solution. Additionally, our client required the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of flights per week in accordance to their transportation needs. With only 30 days from notice to proceed, National planned, positioned, resourced and executed the entire operation from passenger and baggage checking and screening, to catering, ground handling, maintenance support, crewing, customs and PPRs.

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