At National Airlines, We provide innovative air cargo charter solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s market requirements. Flexible, reliable, agile and proven cargo charters to make sure your business and aspirations move ahead nonstop.

Whatever your challenge and concern may be, we offer the most unique cargo charter services. Our verticals include commercial cargo charters, military charters and humanitarian missions. We strive to provide the best, flexible and innovative service offerings for your business development requirements.

National Airlines has cultivated the required infrastructure, capabilities, personnel, industry specific tailor made offerings and operational centers to offer charter cargo services, anywhere, anytime, at your convenience.


emergency response

Part 121

dangerous goods transportation

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150+ countries

Commercial Cargo Charters

Round the Clock, Around the World, We Deliver the World

At National Airlines, we offer customized cargo charter choices for  direct shippers, multinational manufacturers, e-commerce organizations, entertainment groups, and government agencies. Safe, efficient, convenient and cost effective charter solutions anywhere, anytime to our customers across the globe.  Our exclusive fleet of B747 -400Fs offers you the most reliable and industry specific focused charter solutions anywhere, anytime.

We offer high quality service, fleet of large capacity B747 – 400Fs along with extensive operational knowledge, and global expertise to transport cargo of all kinds and sizes around the globe within the hours’ notice. Our individualized services cater to most demanding customers and their supply chains from scheduled charters, ad hoc charters to long term contract charter operations.

Route analysis, payload assessment, scheduling and permit requisitions are some of many factors that are carefully studied to propose the best suited solution to meet customer requirements to the fullest.
National Airlines has cultivated the needed infrastructure, capabilities, personnel, industry specific tailor made offerings and global operational hubs to transport cargo to offer you charters anywhere, anytime.

Our charter services include

6x B747-400Fs

Fast response and comprehensive service from the global charter sales team

Flights tailored to customers’ specific requirements

Aircraft crew, maintenance, and insurance

Spot Quotes

Landing / Air Traffic permits

Fuel planning / Ground Operations

Aircraft Handling

AWB provision

Load Planning / Special Loads Experts

HAZMAT / DG Experts

ULD Provision

24/7 Global Operations Support

Air waybill provision

Special loads expertise and load planning

On-demand customer service center, tailored to your specific needs

Dangerous goods experience

Cargo loading breakdown—even for special loads and out-sized cargo

On-time, real-time performance monitoring and updates for temperature control

Defense Charters

Serving the Armed Forces with National Pride

Being a Civil Reserve Air Fleet carrier (CRAF), National Airlines is one of the prime United States Department of Defense transporters in the industry. We provide essential, reliable and timely airlift support for defense forces of the United States and its interests around the globe. National operates globally to Military Bases and FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) in remote locations on six continents and is prepared to serve governments of crisis hit countries in a time of need.
We are the preferred carrier for national governments, foreign military, defense contractors, and defense equipment manufacturers to transport highly classified, high value equipment.
Amongst certifications like C-TPAT, CARB (Commercial Airlift Review Board) and the FAA Part 121 license, National Airlines is also certified by IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit).

Key Highlights
  • Regulatory compliance programs
  • Superior communication protocols
  • Diversity Programs/SBA (US Government)
  • Security moves/Armed escorts
  • Coordination of deliveries to meet fielding teams at bases worldwide
  • Web-based visibility worldwide
  • Aid and relief operations
  • Special equipment Handling
  • Military spec Packaging / Crating
  • Program Management
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Base Environmental Services
  • Security and Emergency Support Services
  • IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) program certified

Humanitarian Aid Charters

Rapid Airlift Response

From Ebola outbreaks in Africa to earthquakes in Haiti, Nepal and Philippines. From the Cyclones in Mozambique to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. National Airlines has been the ‘first respondents’ to these life altering disasters across the world. With our charter capabilities to support immediate relief efforts wherever it is needed, we deploy missions for various government and organizations carrying immediate relief materials, medical equipment and supplies to the affected regions within the hours’ notice. Our expertise in responding to global disasters is well acknowledged by our mission partners including the United Nations US government, USAID, World Health Organization (WHO) and many national governments and disaster relief agencies. Our highly trained field specialists are deployed to coordinate ad-hoc large-scale humanitarian relief operations for several governments and many international agencies around the world.

We see humanitarian aid as a fundamental expression of universal solidarity between people and as our moral imperative.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 National Airlines has been in the forefront airlifting relief supplies to different parts of the world. We were the first ones to go into Wuhan, China after the outbreak with PPE kits, masks and other medical equipment. Later, medical supplies were flown out of China to the US, Europe and other regions to provide much needed relief to the pandemic.

In the later stage, we coordinated COVID-19 vaccination transport to different regions, including the first vaccination deliveries to Africa. During the devastating second wave of COVID-19, we embarked on a mission within less than 24 hours’ notice to airlift lifesaving medical supplies including oxygen concentrators, cylinders, masks etc to India, Pakistan & Nepal.

It’s time to board world’s premiere air charter service. Welcome aboard a luxurious, comfortable and personalized journey with National Airlines. Walk down the isle of our passenger aircraft for some finest inflight services and to fulfil your dream travel wishes anywhere, anytime.


emergency response

Part 121

dangerous goods transportation

US Flag

150+ countries

From Skylines to Shorelines… fly with us to anywhere at anytime

Our fleet of A330-200 and B757-200 helps customers plan travels to any destination, with utmost safety, schedule flexibility and with a combination offer of narrow body and wide body aircraft. Over the years, National Airlines have flown military troops, government / diplomatic missions, humanitarian relief missions (evacuees), corporate groups, sports teams, music bands for concerts, and tour operators amongst several other sectors. Now it’s time for YOUR travel. It’s time to GO NATIONAL.

We cater to your niche requirements. From high capacity seating to more spacious cabins. From VIP configurations to inflight services. We are equipped and dedicated to meet and exceed your expectation for a memorable journey.

Key Highlights

A330-200 & B757-200 aircraft

Medium to high seating capacities

Medium to long range

Flexible Schedules

On demand schedules and services

Preferred by the Military forces to transport their personnel

Rapid Responsiveness

Caters to unusual schedules and customized seating requirements

Aircraft serviced and ready to fly in 24 hours, pending contract approval

Distinguished by pilots who are among the industry’s most experienced

Supported by flight attendants who specialize in the exquisite special needs of charter operations

Operations in more than 100 countries, with the traffic rights to major and smaller airports around the world

Humanitarian Mission Charters.

Responding quickly when it matters the most

National Airlines pilots, crew & operational teams are ‘first respondents’ to disasters and humanitarian crisis across the globe. From earthquakes to floods and during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, our crew and fleet of aircraft reached inaccessible terrains and locations to airlift people. Stuck by a disaster, traumatized by the chaos and hopelessness, these humanitarian mission charter flights bring evacuees to safety in a time bound manner. National has partnered with several international organizations to achieve the primary objective of its humanitarian aid program, which is to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity.

While National Airlines offers premium Cargo & Passenger charter services to its clients across the globe, our teams are also proficient in offering specialized ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance) and CMI (Crew, Maintenance & Insurance) services to clients.

We help our clients and customers to reduce capital risks of additional aircraft ownership and provide them with specific need based service packages to fulfill their air charter demands.

Flexibility, agility, on-demand requests acceptance, tailor made service offerings are some of the key aspects of National Airlines ACMI/CMI services.

Dedicated freighter and passenger aircraft, well trained crew, global maintenance teams, premium insurance services and a centralized Systems Operations Centre in Orlando, Florida, U.S ensures that the ACMI/CMI services are offered with highest quality, reliability and of utmost personalized benefit to our customers businesses.


Our timely provisions for your on-demand freighter capacity

With National Airlines, it’s your opportunity to avail flexible, additional capacity that integrates seamlessly with your existing cargo network. We offer dedicated cargo aircraft with crew, maintenance and insurance without the capital risks associated with additional aircraft ownership.

National Airlines offers ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance) or aircraft on lease contract as per schedules of our customers. We provide customized freighter with a fully dedicated aircraft crewed, maintained and insured to cater to your specialized cargo needs across the globe. From e-commerce to moving bulk cargo. National Airlines ACMI capabilities are paramount, flexible, reliable and unmatched in the global transport arena.

Partnering with us for an ACMI lease helps you enjoy all the benefits of dedicated cargo aircraft without the potential capital risks or long term commitments related to inventory, maintenance or personnel. While you focus on your core competencies, we will fulfil all your allied business and cargo movement requirements. Every flight operation is critically managed by our 24*7 Systems Operations Centre (SOC) in Orlando, Florida.

National Airlines develops and delivers integrated services, adding incremental value to our customers’ businesses. ACMI allows for flexible network solutions and reductions in overall unit operating costs increasing global presence by working closely with our customers to understand their strategies and requirements

Benefits of our ACMI services include

6x B747-400Fs

Supreme Performance quality

Operational Flexibility

Flexible rates based on number of block hours flown

24 / 7 / 365 global support ➔ AOG/Parts, Dispatch, Crew Scheduling

Global footprint

Greater payload capacity through our fleet of B747-400Fs

Multiple aircraft platforms

High-quality capacity without significant resource investment

Performance quality and operational flexibility

Early access to new markets and growth

Seamless integration into your own cargo network

Central crew scheduling, IT support, and sales and operation support worldwide

CMI (Cargo)

Our qualified teams at your assistance

Following our norm of providing industry-leading outsourcing services, National Airlines offers CMI (Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) services to companies looking to ramp up operations quickly and cost effectively. Through our highly trained flight crew, technology experience, global maintenance organization, and large-scale multiple operating platforms, a CMI lease eliminates the time-consuming tasks associated with hiring and training crew and managing maintenance. Our centralized and well equipped System Operations Centre (SOC) and expert crew helps provide a sustainable CMI services to eliminate long winding tasks, hiring and training delay and managing regular maintenance. On time delivery of cargo, consistency and reliability, customized solutions helps us ‘Deliver the best services to you’ always.

Our services are a smart choice for customers who want to operate their own aircraft and network but need flexibility in staffing and overhead reduction. We facilitates growth by providing customized services that enable turnkey operations without the need for significant investment in aircraft support.

Benefits of a CMI lease

Minimal Operational overheads

30 Years of collective experience

Centralized Crew Scheduling Systems

Affordable Insurance rates

Rapid Response ability

24/7/365 SOC (Systems Operations Centre)

Reduced unit operating costs

Faster response to market opportunities through the ability to ramp up resources quickly

Competitive insurance rates, thanks to our scale of operation

Greater efficiencies and reliability through our global maintenance

ACMI (Passenger)

We are honored to fly your guests

National Airlines ACMI capabilities focus on expanding our customer expectations while reducing hassles. Our ACMI leasing options offer an access to efficient passenger assets and capabilities with ease and on time performance. With an experienced crew, centralized operating systems, global operational hubs and an exclusive passenger fleet of A330-300 and B757-200, our ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and insurance) service offers unique, comprehensive and tailor made solutions for our industry customers and partners.

Key features

In-demand technologically advanced fleet of A330-200 and B757-200

Medium to high range seating capacity

World-class flight attendants

24 / 7 / 365 global support

Global economies of scale to offer you the most reasonable rate

World-class in-flight service provided by our highly experienced, multilingual, flight attendants

Maintenance bases strategically located to provide global coverage and 24/7 monitoring

Insurance: Comprehensive coverage for protection

Medium to long range

Highly trained pilots and crew superseding expectations

Strategically located global Maintenance hubs

Comprehensive Insurance plans

Top trained flight pilots and other crew members to surpass your expectations

Maintenance: Around the clock, around the world

Focus on preventative maintenance, efficient supplier management, and superior sourcing of parts is your assurance of superior safety and reliability

Comprehensive plans to meet your coverage needs

CMI (Passenger)

Our Elite class crew, your world-class experience

Get your business operations on a fast track with our globally renowned CMI (Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) capabilities.

Highly trained flight crew, experience in handling Boeing mechanisms, global maintenance capability, and centralized operating systems offer consistent, reliable, and customized solutions to our customers’ expectations and business requirements. A CMI lease helps you focus on your core business and leave your expectations with our teams.

Benefits of a CMI lease

Minimal Operational overheads

Strategically located global Maintenance hubs

24 / 7 / 365 global support

Reduced unit operating costs

Insurance rates, thanks to our scale of operation

Greater efficiencies and reliability through our global maintenance presence

Central 24-hour Systems Operations Centre (SOC) and dispatch

Centralized Crew Scheduling systems

Highly comprehensive insurance rates

Rapid Response Ability

Faster response to market opportunities through the ability to ramp up resources

Faster response to market opportunities through the ability to ramp up resources